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What It Means To Trust Women
August 24, 2016 BY ImprovingBirth
Editor's Note: This is written by guest author Jennifer Williams, CNM, a nurse-midwife who attends hospital births in Albuquerque, NM. Shock waves raced through the birth world recently when Caroline Malatesta won a $16 million lawsuit against Brookwood Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama. When Ms. Malatesta was pregnant with her fourth child, she sought a…
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Does Your Doctor Hate It When You Google?
August 22, 2016 BY ImprovingBirth
Editor's Note: This is written by guest author Kathryn Keener of One Moon Doula Services about her prenatal care experiences surrounding the births of her two children.   Have you seen this mug or meme going around? I get it. We all know that Google and the other search engines can lead us down a rabbit…
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Dignity in Childbirth: A Necessity, Not a Privilege
July 26, 2016 BY ImprovingBirth
Editor's Note: This post comes from guest author, Dara T. Mathis, about her experience and care received during the birth of her daughter. Last year, I gave birth to a 6-pound, 9-ounce baby girl via Caesarean section. It was one of the happiest days of my life, but it was also one of the worst.…
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Nosy, Yoga-Ball Bouncing Doctor Haters – Why I Changed My Tune
July 18, 2016 BY ImprovingBirth
Editor’s Note: Erin Shetler is a birth trauma survivor recovering from PTSD. This is the story of why she’s attending this year’s Improving Birth rally, and what the movement to improve birth can do to help reduce the rates of birth trauma. Visit to find a rally near you this Labor Day. Want to…
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Kimberly Said No! An Update About the Forced Episiotomy Case
June 10, 2016 BY Dawn
Some really exciting news today. Kimberly Turbin finally had her first day in court. (You can read the whole back story here) LA County Superior Court Judge Benny C. Osorio has ruled that Turbin v. Abbassi was properly and timely plead as a battery lawsuit. The judge was not interested in the other side's insinuations…
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Why Hospitals Should Take Advice from Disney
November 1, 2015 BY ImprovingBirth
Making your customers feel safe, supported, and cared for is good for business.  Improving Birth President Dawn Thompson talks with Vice President Cristen Pascucci about how one Disneyland employee treated Dawn's special needs child, and made her family customers for life. [embed][/embed]
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