Mother-Friendly Accreditation Program

Turning maternal healthcare into a conversation rather than a verdict.

Mother-Friendly Accreditation Program (MFAP) is for hospitals and providers intent on improving the quality of care for the pregnant families they serve, with a goal of improving outcomes and reducing their cesarean and intervention rates.

The MFAP offers a clear road map that guides providers and staff towards a more current and patient center care model.

Carrying the Mother-Friendly seal will allow hospitals and providers to become the beacon in their community and the leading choice for families who want exceptional facility based maternity care.

Mother-Friendly is about creating reassurance and peace of mind that pregnant people are putting their body, their baby and their family in the hands of someone they can trust.

Not Just a Rubber Stamp

When a doctor or facility applies for Mother-Friendly Accreditation, they are committing to continuing education and a shift from the current fear based system, to a culture focused around collaborative, patient centered care.

What You Need to Know

The quality of maternity care in the United States is poor, despite costing far more than in any other developed country.

One of every three women has major abdominal surgery during birth and more than 40% of hospitals have mandatory surgery policies for women with prior cesareans, contrary to current evidence and national guidelines.

As many as 70% of women experience interventions to start or speed up labor, often without medical indication.

Too many women receive unnecessary and unwanted interventions during labor and birth that do not result in better outcomes for mother or newborn.

The Mother-Friendly Accreditation Program is developed specifically to address outdated practice patterns that have contributed to these statistics.

Pilot Program

Mother-Friendly is currently in the first stage of its pilot program, beginning with three "Alongside Centers" launching in the spring of 2018. By the first quarter of 2019 we anticipate the addition of at least four more pilot locations, including a minimum of two standard labor and delivery units.

Mother-Friendly Alongside Center:

Alongside centers are distinctly separate from standard labor and delivery services with midwives as the primary care provider. These units support low-risk patients and families who wish for a more home like environment and desire a little to no intervention childbirth experience.

Measurable Standards and Indicators

The Mother-Friendly Accreditation Program has 53 measurable standards developed first based on the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers measures. These measures were then combined with the original Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative - 10 Steps to become Mother-Friendly, developed by the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services.

Benefits to Mother-Friendly Accreditation

The Mother-Friendly Accreditation Program offers goal setting, policy and procedure review, peer-to-peer instruction, and a robust Continuous Quality Improvement program for support staff and providers.

Goal Setting

The American maternity care system is seeing enormous pressure to reduce cesarean rates, intervention rates and improve maternal morbidity and mortality. MFAP helps providers and hospitals set goals and track progress.

Policy and Procedure Review

MFAP reviews and develops policies and procedures that support the Mother-Friendly model of care, enhance risk management, and allow hospitals to provide evidence-based maternity care.

Peer-to-Peer Instruction

The MFAP provides instruction and guidance from experienced experts in maternal health who teach through presentation, demonstration and consumer based storytelling.

Instruction includes:

  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • VBAC as a reasonable option for most
  • Informed Consent
  • Evidence Based Care
  • Quality Care Improvements

Specifics: the long term risk of cesarean and induction, supporting for the full 42 weeks, understanding the microbiome, breech delivery, etc.

Continuous Quality Improvement

The Continuous Quality Improvement program will allow hospitals to recognize any quality issues quickly and systematically work to resolve issues in order to assure that they provide the very best maternity care.

Help Make a Difference

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