American maternity care is in crisis.

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American Maternity Care is in Crisis and YOU are the Solution

Most people have no idea that U.S. maternity care practices are decades behind what science says is best for moms and babies—and decades behind the more gentle, humane treatment that women and babies deserve in this most important life event. Many women don’t realize that they have many more options for birth than they’ve been offered and that they have rights in their care.

Our mission is to empower people with tools that INFORM, SUPPORT, ENGAGE AND EMPOWER; to find their voice about the birth negative experience they've had or witnessed as a support person.  To create tools that put pressure on the system to improve as well as offering resources to share with their community, family and friends, so that they might prevent unnecessary stress and trauma from happening to another family.

We believe that change happens from the bottom up—by informing, supporting, and empowering women and families to get in the driver’s seat when it comes to childbirth. We advocate for each other as individuals and as a group.

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