Yesterday, Human Rights in Childbirth (HRiC) chimed in on the controversy surrounding proposed guidelines for licensed midwives in Arizona, with a letter to the director of the state’s Health Services Department, Will Humble.  The letter outlines some of the legal problems with those guidelines, as well as identifying some important legal rights for all individuals within a healthcare setting.’s executive board sent a letter Thursday to Mr. Humble, urging him to follow through on updating those guidelines to reflect current evidence and the legal rights of women in birth.

The letter from HRiC (below and here as a PDF) contains information every pregnant woman should know.  The preferences of others–whether the state or a care provider–should never interfere with the individual’s rights to make decisions about his or her own medical care.  For pregnant women, there’s an added layer of responsibility, because the care she receives directly impacts her baby.

She is, so to speak, “deciding for two.”

HRIC Ltr to AZ P2

HRIC Ltr to AZ P1HRIC Ltr to AZ P3

HRIC Ltr to AZ P4

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  1. Mary says:

    Words can not express how grateful we are for all Cristen, Dawn, Rebekka, Hermine, Indra and everyone else involved with Improving Birth and Human Rights in Chidbirth have done for the birthing women and midwives of Arizona.

    We are far from done but making huge leaps forward.

    As Natalie Merchant sings: I want to thank you, thank you, thank you thank you


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