Trust is so important in childbirth, especially when you are choosing a provider or deciding whether to stay with your provider. Julie Six is a doula in Lexington, Kentucky, who has attended births for almost ten years, and says, “Many women recognize, when they’re discussing their birth preferences with their chosen provider, that what they are wanting may not be fully supported by that person.  Some women choose to change care and others opt to stay.  Throughout all of these experiences, I have yet to see a woman regret her choice to switch, but I have seen many women regret that they chose to ignore their own red flags and stay with a provider they weren’t totally sure about.”  Julie identified these red flags as what she often sees.


Do you have any of these red flags?

1.) You leave your appointments feeling somewhat supported, but not fully.

2.) You feel that you might have to fight for the birth you desire to have (with the hospital or provider).

3.) Your provider doesn’t provide care that is supported by best research and evidence. (“Well, we don’t do it that way because we feel…”)

4.) Conversations you have about your birth preferences leave you feeling that you are having to either give in or fight for what you desire to have happen.

5.) Your provider shares call with other physicians who may not share the same philosophies on birth.

6.) You are met with the following phrases: “We might be able to support that,” “We don’t allow that here,” “Hospital policy says that we can’t,” “I can’t let you,” “We don’t allow that,” etc.

7.) You are seen usually by a nurse practitioner and rarely meet the person you have hired to be at your birth.

8.) Provider statistics are not readily available upon request.

These are all signs that you may not be supported in receiving the care you would like for your birth. Remember that it is never too late to transfer care to a practice that fully supports all of your decisions!

Your birth is something you will remember for the rest of your life and something your provider likely will not. You and your baby deserve the very best!


Thank you to Julie Six and The Birth Haven in Lexington, Kentucky, for sharing these “red flags”!



Don’t forget that the Improving Birth national Rally to Improve Birth is this Labor Day, September 1. Please do everything you can to support it. It’s the ONLY public showing of consumers demanding change in maternity care, and a great way to raise awareness within your own community. – See more at:

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Revised May 2019

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  1. Lindsay says:

    How does one combat this if there are no other options in the area? I’m asking on a personal level (in search of a VBAC) and on a doula level for clients who want information.

  2. Tina Euresti says:

    Hello i was hoping to find help in providing information regarding my claim i have with Social security. I am appealing and feel i was clearly not heard with my history of PTSD, and other issues. I have a very hard time putting my life out to anyone But have severe OCD in collecting all records of my life, and i 100% fit the description of PTSD from the loss of my child over 30 years ago. I posted my story on this site. I have so much to share and medical records along with long lived history i need find some peace. That is why i am going to government. I would love to take as many women with me to explain that the onset of my illness is from what i know so many woman have. I NEED HELP PLEASE!!! I would love to attend rally, i would love to organize one. But i need to first open my door and leave my home. I am not able to articulate thought and that is why i horde documentation of life to refer to what i saw or did it is amazing how people are cheated and misinformed in almost everything we do. It makes me feel strong and determined to express the pain and trauma my family has endured, i just can not be the person God will for me was to be. But i can put truth in what his will shall be done. With change.

    1. Tina Euresti says:

      Please read my post regarding my loss. Please allow anyone to have my email along with location of groups.

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