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Here’s What’s Wrong with the Updated U.S. Maternal Mortality Statistics
February 22, 2020 BY ImprovingBirth
A new official estimate of how many new and expectant people die from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth in the US has finally been released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and as you probably could have guessed: It’s still terrible.  Compared to 10 similarly wealthy countries, the US ranks 10th. The report…
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“The Baby is the Candy, and the Mom is the Wrapper” – A Call for Humanized Birth
July 26, 2018 BY ImprovingBirth
The phrase, “The baby is the candy and the mom is the wrapper," has been stuck in my head since I read it in an NPR article. It’s the perfect descriptor of maternal care in this country. Because, after all, once the candy is out of the wrapper, you don’t really need it anymore, right?…
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Big Baby Myth – What you need to know
May 3, 2017 BY Dawn
“Big Baby” We've all heard about women who were told they needed to consider an artificial induction of labor or even Cesarean surgery, because their babies "looked big" toward the end of pregnancy. Many of these women were unpleasantly surprised when their babies were born at completely average weights, after they'd undergone a drastic intervention…
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Huge Study: Cesarean Birth Major Risk Factors for Chronic Disorders in Children
January 8, 2015 BY ImprovingBirth
The release of the largest study of its kind confirms yet again that the Cesarean epidemic in the U.S. deserves more attention, and women deserve better information and options. Evidence continues to emerge that birth by surgery, while sometimes necessary and wanted, is not benign. Increasingly, researchers are finding relationships between Cesarean birth and babies’…
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VBAC Bans: The Insanity of Mandatory Surgery
April 14, 2014 BY Cristen Pascucci
From Vaginal Birth Bans in America: The Insanity of Mandatory Surgery, by Cristen Pascucci Chapter 1: What's the Problem? “I'm still astonished when I re-read my hospital records and remember my obstetricians telling horror stories to persuade me… or telling me how thankful they were to have chosen Cesarean section for their own birth. All of…
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Cervical Scar Tissue – A Cause of Preventable C-Sections
July 25, 2012 BY Dawn
Revised 2/14/2013 My nephew just had his sixth birthday in February. Who knew his birth would mean so much to my career as a birth professional? It was the day I first heard the words "Cervical Scar Tissue." How is it that I had been a doula for four years and had never heard this before?…
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