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Safe, Supported Birth: A Matter of Privilege?
July 31, 2013 BY ImprovingBirth
The maternity care crisis in the U.S. affects millions of women and babies each year, but it disproportionately impacts minorities and the underprivileged. Black women and babies, for example, are several times more likely to die from childbirth-related causes.   One woman is doing something about it in Florida. With more than 25 years of…
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Forced Choices: PA Woman Backed by National Groups Against Mandatory Surgery
July 24, 2013 BY ImprovingBirth
This February, we spoke with a Pennsylvania woman, D, who relayed to us that she'd been told by her doctor that if she attempted to give birth vaginally at the hospital where he practiced, he would get a court order to compel a C-section—and “so would any other doctor there.” Why would a doctor go…
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Las Mujeres Egoistas y Sus Tontas Experiencias de Parto revised
July 10, 2013 BY Cristen Pascucci
This is the Spanish translation of Cristen Pascucci's original article "Selfish Women and Their Silly Birth Experiences," which had almost 70,000 views from all over the world. Cuando me estaba preparando para dar a luz, veía el nacimiento como un evento único, como algo que yo quería “hacer bien” más que nada en el mundo.…
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A Thank You to Midwives
July 2, 2013 BY ImprovingBirth is made up of mothers and those who care for us. Many of our members have received excellent care from all kinds of care providers—obstetricians, family doctors, and midwives. But today, we’d like to talk about our appreciation for midwives, who attend 8.4% of U.S. births.  This article is from Secretary Rebecca Dekker,…
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The Myth of the "Big Baby"
June 6, 2013 BY ImprovingBirth
We've all heard about women who were told they needed to consider an artificial induction of labor or even Cesarean surgery, because their babies "looked big" toward the end of pregnancy. Many of these women were unpleasantly surprised when their babies were born at completely average weights, after they'd undergone a drastic intervention in a…
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Human Rights and Informed Consent in Childbirth: Arizona Edition
June 1, 2013 BY ImprovingBirth
Yesterday, Human Rights in Childbirth (HRiC) chimed in on the controversy surrounding proposed guidelines for licensed midwives in Arizona, with a letter to the director of the state's Health Services Department, Will Humble.  The letter outlines some of the legal problems with those guidelines, as well as identifying some important legal rights for all individuals…
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