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Arizona Midwifery Guidelines: A Chance to Do Something Great
May 30, 2013 BY ImprovingBirth
Take a look at the awesome letter Human Rights in Childbirth sent in to Arizona! The online event for the Monday, June 2, committee meeting addressing these issues can be viewed here. Recently, some unhappy moms in Arizona brought to our attention the situation in their home state, where guidelines for licensed midwives are in the…
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Cut With Kindness: Coming to Terms With Mistaken Beliefs
May 29, 2013 BY Dawn
Dawn Thompson is founder and president of, and has worked as a doula for over ten years--specializing in supporting women who are seeking Vaginal Birth after Cesarean. She had three cesarean sections before a vaginal birth with her last child. This article begins with her first surgery. At, we hear from women all…
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Listening to Mothers III Survey Reveals Need for Improvements in Information, Communication in U.S. Maternal Health Care
May 14, 2013 BY ImprovingBirth President Dawn Thompson, former Vice President Cristen Pascucci, and Secretary Rebecca Dekker RN APRN PhD collaborated on this article. is a mother-run, national non-profit that advocates for evidence-based care and humanity in childbirth.  Our annual national Labor Day rally to raise awareness about the need for better maternity care is the United States' largest and…
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Selfish Women and Their Silly Birth Experiences
May 7, 2013 BY ImprovingBirth
  This is not a post about natural birth.  Just keep reading.   When I was preparing to give birth, I saw it as a once-in-a-lifetime event and something I wanted, more than anything, to do “right.”  By doing it “right,” I meant that I wanted the safest and most positive outcome possible; to me,…
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Doulas: A Birth Essential
March 28, 2013 BY ImprovingBirth
I can’t overstate the importance of experienced support during and after birth.  I try to keep my mouth shut when I hear someone say they don’t need a doula during labor or don’t have extra help for after the baby is born or don’t need to talk to a lactation consultant about nursing.  I always…
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“A Midwife Changed My Life”
March 26, 2013 BY ImprovingBirth
Whether you choose a midwife, family doctor, or OB to attend your baby birth, your choices and your body have value.  In a country where 9 out of 10 of us receive care that is not based on best evidence, our choices are even more important if we are to access good care. For me, it took…
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