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U.S. Hospitals Held Accountable for C-Section Rates
January 23, 2013 BY ImprovingBirth
By Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN of Back in December, we shared some big news! We found out that starting in January 2014, the Joint Commission will require U.S. hospitals with more than 1,100 births per year to work towards reducing the C-section rate in first-time moms. Our hope is that this article will…
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I Don’t Care How You Give Birth
December 18, 2012 BY Cristen Pascucci
Elective C-section?  Ocean waterbirth?  Seriously, go nuts. You may think that because I chose (and fought) to give birth with no drugs in a hospital, I think everyone should.  Or, that because I rant and rave about our bloated surgical birth and artificial induction rates, that I would do away with these medical interventions. Absolutely…
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State of Maternity Care
November 28, 2012 BY ImprovingBirth
By Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN This guest post comes from Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN, of Evidence Based Birth. Rebecca is a researcher and a nursing professor who formerly served as a member of the executive board of ImprovingBirth. You can follow Rebecca on her Facebook page and on Twitter. . . . Note: This article and the…
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Take Back Your Birth
November 20, 2012 BY Cristen Pascucci
I went into pregnancy and preparation for birth “willfully ignorant.”  I’d never wanted to experience either, so my perspective on the whole thing was that of an outsider’s.  As I started poking around about giving birth for the first time, I had some vague ideas about lowering the lighting in the room; maybe I’d wear…
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Nearly 10,000 rally for the “largest women’s rights issue in decades”
September 17, 2012 BY Dawn
For Immediate Release September 7, 2012 Nearly 10,000 rally for the “largest women’s rights issue in decades” National Rally for Change event to continue annually “until American birth is safer”  San Diego, Sept. 7 -- This Labor Day, Sept. 3, more than 9,500 women, their families, and birth and medical professionals gathered near local hospitals in over 100 cities…
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The Largest Women’s Rights Movement in Decades
August 15, 2012 BY Dawn
A monumental uprising is on the horizon. Thousands of men, women and children will gather on September 3. The rallies are being hosted in over 100 major cities, coast to coast, for Improving Birth’s “National Rally for Change on Labor Day.”  Thanks to the viral nature of social media, has been able to organize…
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