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The National Rally for Change on Labor Day Hits a Major Milestone
August 15, 2012 BY Dawn
Improving Birth has reached a major milestone in the Labor Day National Rally for Change, now with over 100 locations across the US. “We are thrilled at this incredible momentum in such a short period of time”, says Dawn Thompson, the Founder of Improving Birth. “At the end of June, we only had 25 locations. This…
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Cervical Scar Tissue – A Cause of Preventable C-Sections
July 25, 2012 BY Dawn
Revised 2/14/2013 My nephew just had his sixth birthday in February. Who knew his birth would mean so much to my career as a birth professional? It was the day I first heard the words "Cervical Scar Tissue." How is it that I had been a doula for four years and had never heard this before?…
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National Rally Press Release
July 5, 2012 BY Dawn
The National Rally for Change The Largest Women’s Rights Movement in Decades A national movement is underway to improve birth in America.  At least 40 cities across the country are holding a “National Rally for Change” on Labor Day, September 3, 2012, to bring awareness to the alarmingly high rates of medically unnecessary cesarean sections…
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A Doula’s Journey to Vaginal Birth after Three C-Sections
June 20, 2012 BY Dawn
I was 20 when I got pregnant with my first child. I made all the typical assumptions back then. I went to my primary doctor for an OB referral. I had no idea I had a choice. I thought that I went to the OB, he would tell me all I needed to know about…
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Pushing for Your Baby, by Lamaze International
May 23, 2012 BY Dawn
Lamaze International today launched an amazing video and campaign called "Push for Your Baby."  The amount of time and energy that went into this project is evident. These are all stories that birth professionals have lived right alongside their clients. Many organizations are getting on board to make a change in our communities and question…
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Study: Two-Thirds of OB-GYN Clinical Guidelines Are Not Based in Science
March 1, 2012 BY Dawn
Sounds like a spoof of a headline, doesn't it?  But it's real.  The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (that's THE organization for ObGYns) published a study this month reporting that just one-third of their clinical guidelines met a standard of "good and consistent scientific evidence."   PushNews from The Big Push for Midwives Campaign…
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