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Dear ACOG, Moms Have Been Speaking Up. You Just Don’t Believe Us.
May 3, 2019 BY ImprovingBirth
Dear ACOG, Moms Have Been Speaking Up. You Just Don’t Believe Us.   When I was a week postpartum suffering from violent, full body-shaking chills and spiking fevers, I wandered into the OB triage/ED at my local hospital. I knew something wasn’t right, but didn’t have specific symptoms other than the chills and fever. The…
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Dear C-Section Scar, You Remind Me of My Assault
April 24, 2019 BY ImprovingBirth
Some c-sections save babies’ lives. Some c-sections save mothers’ sanity. Then there are c-sections, like mine, that did neither. This letter is ode to those. I know I’m not the only one. In 1970, the national c-section rate was 5.5%. Now, it’s over 32%. Yet with all these surgeries meant to save lives, maternal mortality…
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Low Intervention Birth: 6 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Provider
March 29, 2019 BY ImprovingBirth
New ACOG Recommendations You Should Bring with You to Your Next Prenatal Visit   Despite spending far more on maternity care, the United States has produced some of the worst maternal health outcomes among all other developed countries. Currently, one in every three women has major abdominal surgery during birth and more than 40% of…
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Dear Hospital CEO: You Have A Coercive and Directive Practice In Your Midst That Is Disempowering Women
November 11, 2018 BY Dawn
The consumer voice is often unheard when it comes to large systems. The maternity care system and its history of listening to women is no exception. ImprovingBirth recently shared a snapshot that a local Atlanta-based midwife posted of a "patient information and birth preferences plan" form, which had been given to a patient from her…
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“The Baby is the Candy, and the Mom is the Wrapper” – A Call for Humanized Birth
July 26, 2018 BY ImprovingBirth
The phrase, “The baby is the candy and the mom is the wrapper," has been stuck in my head since I read it in an NPR article. It’s the perfect descriptor of maternal care in this country. Because, after all, once the candy is out of the wrapper, you don’t really need it anymore, right?…
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A Village of One
May 2, 2018 BY ImprovingBirth
“Stay on top of your pain medications.” “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” “Don’t climb stairs, drive, overexert yourself, etc.” If you have had a baby or even a surgical procedure, you have probably heard some of the above statements. These things are said by well meaning doctors, nurses, and family members. After all, they just…
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