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Big Baby Myth – What you need to know
May 3, 2017 BY Dawn
“Big Baby” We've all heard about women who were told they needed to consider an artificial induction of labor or even Cesarean surgery, because their babies "looked big" toward the end of pregnancy. Many of these women were unpleasantly surprised when their babies were born at completely average weights, after they'd undergone a drastic intervention…
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My 90th Birthday Gift to You: What I’ve Learned in 40 Years as a Nurse-Midwife
April 9, 2017 BY ImprovingBirth
I wrote this for you and for all the women that are raising their voices—it is my 90th birthday gift to you, some reflections on what I’ve learned in over 40 years as a nurse-midwife and advocate for birth centers. In the United States, birth centers and hospice began at about the same time. Why…
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Kimberly Turbin’s Forced Episiotomy Case: The Resolution
March 16, 2017 BY ImprovingBirth
For the past three years, ImprovingBirth has stood behind Kimberly Turbin, the California mother who received an unwanted, unconsented episiotomy (caught on video) while giving birth to her son in 2013. Kimberly’s story has received unprecedented attention in the American media, as well as a huge outpouring of support from ImprovingBirth’s community. Kimberly’s original intent…
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Is "Fear of Litigation" just a cop-out?
February 10, 2017 BY Dawn
I've long since thought that liability concerns and or fear of litigation were, for the most part, a perceived fear. I came to this conclusion based on our experience in helping Kimberly and at least 40 other women reaching out to ImprovingBirth for support to find legal help. In Kimberly's case, even with clear video…
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To my surprise, this car came screeching into the parking lot….
November 29, 2016 BY ImprovingBirth
Yesterday I talked about the “Why” and shared a story about a mama who barely survived birth after an unnecessary induction that ended in a c-section. I also asked you to share a story with me, and I'm floored with the incredible stories you shared. I am honored and heartbroken all at the same time.…
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Dear Hospital, You’ve Got Me Caught in a Catch-22
September 13, 2016 BY ImprovingBirth
A note from Dawn Thompson, IB President: I love it when consumers feel empowered and passionate about exposing how this hospital's "no VBAC policy" undermines national guidelines, patient autonomy, EMTALA laws, patient satisfaction, and patient safety. This is how change happens in my opinion. We need this type of letter and letters, like the one…
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