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Press Release: Woman Charges OB with Assault & Battery for Forced Episiotomy
June 4, 2015 BY ImprovingBirth
Remember "Kelly," the woman in the video receiving an episiotomy (12 times!) after she said, "No, don't cut me!"?  Her real name is Kimberly and that's her picture above, with her little son. Please consider donating to Kimberly's legal fund here. The doctor who cut her against her will was served yesterday with a lawsuit for assault…
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Baltimore, MD: Making My Own Luck
May 10, 2015 BY ImprovingBirth
In the movement to improve the way birth and women are treated, there’s no better way to understand what we’re striving for than to hear from those who’ve experienced it. So, we are starting a new series featuring women who had an empowering birth experience and want to share it. This Mother's Day, we're hearing…
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We Will Not Be Silenced: An Update on Kelly’s Story
April 15, 2015 BY ImprovingBirth
In August of 2014, we told you (and showed you, via video) Kelly’s story of a forced episiotomy, experienced while she was giving birth to her son in 2013. Kelly contacted us, asking for help finding resolution.  Her original intent was to work with the hospital where she gave birth to make sure what happened…
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Press Release: Pregnant Women Ask Court to Affirm Their Constitutional Rights
January 15, 2015 BY Cristen Pascucci
See Human Rights in Childbirth's excellent article "Women's Voices Amicus Curiae Brief: Informed Consent and Refusal" for more detail on Rinat Dray's story and her case Rinat Dray vs. Staten Island Hospital et al., including the full brief submitted to the court with 42 stories from American women recounting personal experiences with nonconsented procedures in…
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Huge Study: Cesarean Birth Major Risk Factors for Chronic Disorders in Children
January 8, 2015 BY ImprovingBirth
The release of the largest study of its kind confirms yet again that the Cesarean epidemic in the U.S. deserves more attention, and women deserve better information and options. Evidence continues to emerge that birth by surgery, while sometimes necessary and wanted, is not benign. Increasingly, researchers are finding relationships between Cesarean birth and babies’…
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Care You Can Trust: A Hospital Models Patient-Centered Care
December 2, 2014 BY ImprovingBirth
This article is part of Improving Birth's "Care You Can Trust" campaign--identifying, describing, and honoring great care and great care providers.  To see photos and examples from mothers about their own experiences with great care, CLICK HERE, and to read our article "12 Signs You Can Trust Your Care," CLICK HERE.   [caption id="attachment_7140" align="aligncenter"…
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