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Kimberly Said No! An Update About the Forced Episiotomy Case
June 10, 2016 BY Dawn
Some really exciting news today. Kimberly Turbin finally had her first day in court. (You can read the whole back story here) LA County Superior Court Judge Benny C. Osorio has ruled that Turbin v. Abbassi was properly and timely plead as a battery lawsuit. The judge was not interested in the other side's insinuations…
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Legal Coercion in Maternity Care: A Doctor’s View
March 30, 2016 BY ImprovingBirth
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Committee on Ethics clearly states that using the law to punish maternal decisions in the name of the fetus has no place in prenatal care. Instead of using the threat of legal action, the obstetrician should follow these guidelines when encountering a situation of informed refusal: 1. Conduct…
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Why Hospitals Should Take Advice from Disney
November 1, 2015 BY ImprovingBirth
Making your customers feel safe, supported, and cared for is good for business.  Improving Birth President Dawn Thompson talks with Vice President Cristen Pascucci about how one Disneyland employee treated Dawn's special needs child, and made her family customers for life. [embed][/embed]
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Disrespect & Abuse in Childbirth?! Prove it.
October 11, 2015 BY ImprovingBirth
Although disrespect and abuse in childbirth is recognized as a global problem (see the World Health Organization's 2014 report), there is a culture of silence around this issue in the United States.  Discussion around this "women's issue" is usually limited to private settings and personal conversations.  Among women, birth professionals, and birth advocates, stories abound--the…
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The Price of Apathy
September 23, 2015 BY ImprovingBirth
This post originally appeared at Three Rivers Birth Services and is posted here with the permission of the author. No one came. No one came to express how important women’s childbirth choices are to them.  South Carolina's Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) invited us to a meeting- a “workshop”- to help shape the new birth center…
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Press Release: Woman Charges OB with Assault & Battery for Forced Episiotomy
June 4, 2015 BY ImprovingBirth
Remember "Kelly," the woman in the video receiving an episiotomy (12 times!) after she said, "No, don't cut me!"?  Her real name is Kimberly and that's her picture above, with her little son. Please consider donating to Kimberly's legal fund here. The doctor who cut her against her will was served yesterday with a lawsuit for assault…
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