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Dear Hospital CEO: You Have A Coercive and Directive Practice In Your Midst That Is Disempowering Women
November 11, 2018 BY Dawn
The consumer voice is often unheard when it comes to large systems. The maternity care system and its history of listening to women is no exception. ImprovingBirth recently shared a snapshot that a local Atlanta-based midwife posted of a "patient information and birth preferences plan" form, which had been given to a patient from her…
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A Village of One
May 2, 2018 BY ImprovingBirth
“Stay on top of your pain medications.” “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” “Don’t climb stairs, drive, overexert yourself, etc.” If you have had a baby or even a surgical procedure, you have probably heard some of the above statements. These things are said by well meaning doctors, nurses, and family members. After all, they just…
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9 Ways To Heal From A Traumatic Birth
August 3, 2017 BY ImprovingBirth
Here in the United States, pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood are often treated as magical and blissful experiences. But that’s not everyone’s experience, particularly when it comes to giving birth. Birth trauma is common — some research suggests that between 25-34% of birthing people experience it in some way.   Trauma can happen in response…
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Because Mothers Matter
December 2, 2014 BY ImprovingBirth
4 Million women give birth every year in the United States and how their babies get here matters. It was only after I gave birth that I grasped the real value of what I instinctively wanted.  I'm not sure I knew it then, but my tendency toward a physiologic birth was me protecting myself and…
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Good Mothers Don’t Ask Questions
September 18, 2013 BY Cristen Pascucci
Yesterday, I gave a talk called “Obstetric Tradition vs. The Modern Woman” to a university class.  I described to these college students how differently I was treated as a person in regular life and as a pregnant woman in her health care.   During pregnancy, the messages I received over and over again from my…
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Cervical Scar Tissue – A Cause of Preventable C-Sections
July 25, 2012 BY Dawn
Revised 2/14/2013 My nephew just had his sixth birthday in February. Who knew his birth would mean so much to my career as a birth professional? It was the day I first heard the words "Cervical Scar Tissue." How is it that I had been a doula for four years and had never heard this before?…
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