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ImprovingBirth is on a mission...

... to make birth safer, and we need your help to do it. While we have access to technology and hospitals, the healthcare system is set up to maximize profits and avoid litigation. We've heard many doctors say that 'they won't get sued if they do a cesarean,' so we find ourselves stuck in a cycle of unnecessary practices rooted in fear. Options that are safer for women and their babies are not good business decisions for care facilities.

Your donations help us arm people with real tools to tell their story, to put pressure on the system to improve, and hold the medical community accountable. To know their rights and to heal from past birth trauma. It helps us raise awareness so that future families can avoid the pitfalls of a system, where the 'First Do No Harm' principle may no longer apply if it puts hospitals and providers at an even slightly greater financial risk.

It takes an average of 17 years for evidence to become practice. Let's not allow another decade to pass.

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